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Sony BDV-N9100, home theater system that rescaled to 4K

Sony BDV-N9100 is one system all in one home cinema which occupies the top of the range of the Japanese manufacturer. It is one of the products with spectacular design Sense of Quartz (which could be translated as feeling of quartz). Geometric shapes are inspired by the facets of the quartz glass. Finishes the designers have chosen aluminum anodized, cut and polished diamond. The new design is present in TVs, Blu-ray readers, and also on home cinema equipment. Sony BDV-N9100 team is available in two color combinations, where there are always details Turquoise: one is dark grey and the other white. A 5.1 system with four stylized type speaker is Tower, more a central and a subwoofer. Their shapes are rectangular, with the cones on the air, except for the subwoofer.

sony bdv-n9100

Sony stresses that its speakers include a technology called Magnetic Fluid, which means that in their manufacture have used a material developed Ferrofluid to the space program of NASA. Another interesting feature is that the rears speakers are wireless, and receive the audio signal directly from the main unit without the need of cable runs. On the other hand, the main unit incorporates a Blu-ray reader with ability to play 3D movies DVD and CD discs. Its benefits, does not end there because this system, like all new N series, can resize video up to 4 K, that is, up to four times the Full HD resolution. Thus, the new 4 K Ultra HD TVs will never be left without content.

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