Philips-8008 Smart TV, smart TV with ambient light

The new TV Philips 8008 series have the Ambilight XL light system on three sides of the screen. It helps to relax the eye during viewing sessions, and extends the sense of space of the screen. The color of the LED system matches that of the wall where the appliance is installed. Thus, when it is running, it almost seems that the screen is floating. However, the screen rests on a pedestal elegant air. The house engineers have chosen to brushed aluminum finish, and the frame is reduced a minimum, so that all the attention is for images that are displayed.

philips 8008

Another advantage of the Ambilight is that it intensifies the experience of enjoying the 3D stereoscopic Imaging (3D TV). The 3D system is active, and they come equipped with two 3D shutter glasses. The user can adjust the depth of the 3-d effect. As usual, you can convert 2D video to 3D. They are available with three diagonal screens: 40, 46 and 55 inches. They are really thin LED backlight LCD televisions, only measuring 3.25 inches from bottom. The aspect ratio is widescreen (16:9) and offers a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels (Full HD). The brightness reaches the 450 candelas per square meter and the backlight’s local control in small areas (Micro Dimming). Image engine is a Perfect Pixel HD operates at 1400 Hz, which is accompanied by technologies of improvement of images in movement.

8008 Series comprises three models: Philips 40PFL8008K (40 inches), Philips 46PFL8008K (46-inch) and Philips 55PFL8008K (55 inch). Emission TV TDT HD, Freeview and analogue can tuner. They are also compatible with hybrid television HbbTV. On the other hand, in terms of the sound, the power output (RMS) is 2 by 15 watts. They are intelligent connected TVs with Wi-Fi (802. 11n) and Ethernet which incorporates a dual-core processor, working in multi-tasking. You can access the Smart manufacturer TV platform, including television on demand, online video and social networks (Facebook and Twitter). They have everything you need to make video calls over Skype, including a webcam with microphone integrated. They are also able to play multimedia content streaming from computers, smartphones and tablets.

They have four HDMI inputs (one with audio return channel) connects component video input, one SCART, one optical digital audio output, audio input, a headphone output, a slot common interface, and three USB ports. In order to handle all the Smart TV functions and easily browse the Internet, the manufacturer accompanies the TVs 8008 Series with advanced remote control with two faces. On the rear side has a QWERTY keyboard for easy input of text. Thanks to a gyroscope activates the face buttons at that time are in the top. It is possible to find in stores Philips 40PFL8008K a retail price of 1,500 euros. The Philips 46PFL8008K costs 1,800 euros, and Philips 55PFL8008K is available for 2,400 euros.